Naked Minnesota is a male-only group which doesn't help the women out there looking for a place to hang out naked with other women. For years we have recommended that women contact the group, Minnesota Naturists, a gay and lesbian friendly but mostly straight nudist group. Sadly, Minnesota Naturists has not been very active lately and for many women, there's just too many men as members anyhow. There are still an option though and you can consider contacting them at the address shown below.

Every year Naked Minnesota get many requests from women about a group and regularly some suggest they would like to organize their own women's nudist group. We strongly support anyone interested in doing so and to assist in the process offer our support in providing copies of forms, bylaws, and documentation from Naked Minnesota in order to give you a starting point. We have a lot of experience we can share.

But a nudist group is not a nudist group unless you have some women to start things off. We'd like to connect the women who express interest in our group so that together they can make it happen. To this end we have established a private, unlisted Yahoo Group entitled, "Naked Minnesota 4WOMYN." Any woman providing contact information will be added the Yahoo Group where they can share their interest in forming a woman's nudist group or just connect with others interested in hanging out naked together.

To join the "Naked Minnesota 4WOMYN"
Yahoo Group directly send an email to:
4WOMYN-Subscribe @

To ask related questions please send an email to:


To Inquire about Minnesota Naturists go to their website at:

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